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B is giving me “custody” of our Nintendo Wii, so today I took in all his dumb sports games and traded them in at Gamestop, along with some of my DS games. In return I got: Mario Karts (w/ one wheel adaptor), Shrek Carnival, and Brain Challenge (DS). I am SUPER EXCITED about Mario Karts, it is my all time favorite game. I have it for the DS and it’s OK, but I bet it is going to be AWESOME with the Wii controller.

I only have 2 1/2 more rows left on the Arizona Shawl. I had to stop the other night mid-row because it was a long ass row with tons of beads and I just couldn’t get it all done in one night, OK? 🙂

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. What a sob fest! But a truly amazing movie. It really made me think about life, and how we take things for granted, and what if you had to life your life completely opposite of everyone else?

I’m going to try and go through my pictures tonight (redo my photo screen, move photo album pictures to a photo box), then tomorrow hopefully I can work on the downstairs more. We’ll see. I haven’t had much desire to work on any moving stuff lately, not sure why. Just low on energy in general I guess!

Oh yeah, I called the lawyer the other day, and she’s sending me a packet of info for getting the divorce started, and I have a phone consultation scheduled for Wednesday. It’s on!



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