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….A day late. B and I had a nice time at his aunt’s house yesterday. She makes SO much food it’s ridiculous. I brought my knitting with and I think everyone there asked me what I was making (sometimes I think I need to make up a t-shirt that says “Yes, I’m knitting ____.”) But they were genuinely interested, so I didn’t mind the interruptions.
Then the guys started a Eucher (sp?) game, and the ladies sat around talking and looking at the weekend sales flyers. The kids didn’t need to be yelled at too much, playing quietly in the playroom.
I brought some Cinnamon Sugar Pecans and brownies with, which everyone enjoyed. Last time we went (a few years ago now) I brought some kolacky cookies, and everyone acted like I brought a dog with three heads on a platter. No one wanted to be the first to try them, and we took most of them home. Lesson learned!
Today I am making turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole for B and me. I might put up Christmas decorations today, might not. I might just knit.



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