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New tat!

I love how this turned out! I only told him I wanted the lotus in pink and yellow, and gave him free reign on the rest of the coloring:


I was a little nervous, because I thought I was getting it done by one guy (Greg), and he passed me off to another guy (Jason). But he did a great job. I think it took him all of 40 minutes to complete. Now the back of my neck feels like it has a bad burn on it 😦 Hope I can get to sleep tonight!



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Need to vent

GAH! I am so mad at B right now. We were supposed to make a list of our assets and debts this past weekend (HIS idea), and then he blew me off. I asked him today when we are going to sit down and get it done, he says he doesn’t know, as he will be really busy with school for the next two weeks. FUCK THAT SHIT. I am so tired of him dragging this along. I am filing for the divorce this week. I am getting boxes and starting to go through our stuff this week.

He told me last week he would have a really hard time getting the home equity money for me, and he’s trying to give me everything I’m asking for, but he doesn’t want to have to file for bankruptcy because of it. I have no sympathy. I cooly told him maybe the lawyer would have some ideas about getting the money. He seriously looked at me like he was expecting I’d say “Oh, well if it’s going to be such a problem, then I don’t need it!” Again, FUCK THAT SHIT. And no, I won’t take the timeshare in exchange for the home equity. I’m not an idiot.

So, to try and lighten my mood, I made an appointment to get a new tattoo. On Friday. I can’t wait. I would post the picture, but the website I got the image from is pretty strict about posting their images elsewhere, so you’ll have to wait til I have a picture of the finished product. It will be a lotus blossom with butterflies flying out of it, on the back of my neck. The lotus blossom is “a metaphor for surviving trials in life, and that from great strife comes evolution.”  The butterflies “are used to show transformation, such as weathering a difficult time in life and coming through a changed person.” Love. It.

Stitch-In is tonight. Better go and get ready!


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