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Bragging rights, um, wrong!

I wore my Susie Hoodie to school today, and was waiting with baited breath for someone, anyone, to say they liked it so I could crow “I made it!”

No one said anything about it.

My psych teacher was talking about sex related to the Id and Superego, and kept staring at me. It kind of weirded me out.

But maybe he was just staring at my awesome Susie Hoodie.


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Not much going on here…

I came home from school today to see Lexi laying on a pile of clean shirts. When I walked by the bedroom again, it was Taffy laying on them. At least they were B’s and not mine.

I’m finally back to working on B’s sweater, but may (read: probably) cast on the dead fish hat tonight at Stitch-In because I have stash yarn for it!

I was looking at old photos recently, and came across this gem of me looking at a Playboy magazine:

And hooray, the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl! I will be secretly rooting for Arizona, though, as they have the amazingly dreamy Kurt Warner as their quarterback. Yes, I root for the team with the cutest guy…I am a female. I don’t fill my head with stats and crap. Cute is all that matters to me.


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Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. As you can see, my Grandma loves her sweater:

And it fits her perfectly!

Progress on the KISS purse:

Here is my new! improved! Bountiful Bohus:

I am so much happier with it. The neckline is perfect. After wearing it to my Grandma’s on Sunday, the only bad thing I have to say is it’s a bit big on me. If I do make another I’ll have to make it one size smaller. Better too big than too small though! When I redid the neck I had to redo the button bands. I changed those to two-stitch buttonholes (from three-stitch), which work better with the buttons.
My aunt couldn’t believe I made my sweater (or Grandma’s for that matter)…I think she’s going to drop hints next year for a handmade sweater 🙂

I had to show off some of my Christmas cookies. The ones on the left are Raspberry Poinsettias, and the ones on the right are Pecan Shortbread Trees:

The powdered sugar ones on the right edge are Chai-Almond cookies, which were OK. I overbaked them a bit so they were crunchy instead of crumbly. The cutout cookies I made didn’t last long at all once B set his sights on them. It’s amazing how fast he eats up those cookies.
I also made truffles to bring to my Grandma’s, she stole all of those. I got one, and almost lost a finger in the process.


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Sweater Pics

Here is Grandma’s Cardigan. I really like how it turned out, the color is lovely (Knit Picks Swish Worsted, Delft Heather), I just hope it fits OK! I need to stop buying buttons like these, though. I don’t like how they droop when they’re not buttoned up. Regular, 4-hole buttons from now on!



And of course I started a new project. This is the KISS Purse from Sally Melville’s The Knitting Experience Book 3:

I’m using black Cascade 220 and a multicolor Noro Kureyon.

I can’t believe Christmas is next week already! I have a ton of cookies to bake on Friday and Saturday for my Grandma’s party on Sunday.


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Pics tomorrow….it’s not done drying yet.


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I’ll start with the last one since you probably were like “Yep, OK, ….huh?!”

Grandma’s Cardigan is getting on my last nerve. I had the sleeves ALL done, blocked, ready to join on. But when I went to attach them, they were too small. Grr. So I cast on stitches around the armhole, intending to work them from the armhole down, but it was going to be too much of a pain in the butt to do it that way. So I took the cast on # and did some math, and now have a new! improved! sleeve measurement, and now my sleeves look like this:

Because it was just easier to start from scratch than fix them. At least the body is all done, otherwise I’d be seriously freaking out that I have to redo the sleeves with only 18 days left. I know a lot of knitters will work on a project on Christmas Eve night to finish in time to gift Christmas Day, but I am not one of those people. The more of a buffer zone I have, the better. With anything. I don’t like to be rushed.

It’s been snowing like crazy the past few days, including right now:

Which make the Christmas decorations look all the more festive (pardon the signage behind the tree):

I’m glad I decided to decorate this year. I haven’t for the past 2 years as kind of a boycott on Christmas since my Mom died, since it was her favorite time of year. But I think she’s happy I got over it and put up some pretty stuff…some of it used to be hers, too! The stocking is old…34 years old, to be exact. My great-grandma made it for me for my 1st Christmas. I love it.

And this is what I get for leaving my office door open a teeny tiny crack:

A cat sleeping on the heated massage table!

P.S. Awesome new Christmas album:


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A friend of mine in Anatomy class was the right size to try on Grandma’s Cardigan, and it fit well. The only problem was the armholes were a bit shallow (like right up against her armpit), so I frogged down to the neck shaping and added 2″ to the original length. I figured this would take me about 2 hours (add 2″ to the back, then add length and reshape the fronts).

It took me 5 hours.

I finally finished up around midnight and put all my stuff away. I still can’t figure out why I HAD to finish it ALL last night, but it’s done.

Now I can go back to the sleeves in peace.


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