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Three weeks

So, I sent out a letter to all my clients Friday telling them I’m leaving. I’ve already had quite a few calls for appointments, so hopefully I’ll be a busy bee and make lots of money before I go!

I reserved a moving truck today. It’s funny how certain things make my stomach all fluttery. This was one of them. Then they told me how much it was going to cost to rent the truck, and I almost threw up. It’s obscene, that’s all I’m gonna say.

My poor kitty Lexie is not handling things well. I think she’s stressing from all the boxes/packing going on. She sticks by me like glue, and she has runny stools. I feel so bad for her.

For a knitting blog, I don’t seem to get any knitting done. And Stitch-In is tomorrow. I think I’ll try to get back to my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl…



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Let’s see…

  • I’m working on a quilt (and already have plans for two more, but we won’t talk about that)
  • Working on a shawl (Frost Flowers and Leaves. Not loving it –I think it’s the color– but am sure if I don’t want it, someone in my world will!)
  • Got the retainer check from STBX for the lawyer. Just have to wait til the 7th to get the papers signed and the divorce actually in process! Not really what I had in mind for the day before my 35th birthday. Whatever.
  • Still no ring. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • Still no A/C. The window unit I bought for my office doesn’t fit right because the window frame is really weird. B said to call the repair guy and have him refill the central air, and see how long that lasts.
  • A guy flirted with me yesterday! I was taken aback, as I have not had a man show any interest in me in quite some time. It was nice. Send some mojo so maybe I’ll get a few dates….maybe more wink wink. It’s been seven months….I think my virginity’s growing back.
  • Went to my friend Becky’s tonight to sit and knit, and ended up staying for dinner (at her invitation). Quiche and salad. Yum!
  • Gave my friend Linda the blue Aeolian shawl the other day, and she flipped out! She kept hugging me. I like surprising someone with something for no reason…isn’t that the best?


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Happy day!

What a great day…..I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I talked with the lawyer yesterday, and I am going to be able to get the settlement $$ I requested from B. Now I can comfortably move to AZ, which is a huge relief! Then last night I finished the blue Aeolian shawl:



Love love love it! Hope the recipient loves it too.

I got some hand made stitch markers from The Queen (on Ravelry) that are absolutely gorgeous:


She had asked me about some yarn I had (from a sweater I was making for B), but since I gave up on it, I sent her the 5 skeins I had left over, and she made me the stitch markers. I think I came out ahead in that trade! She says she may start selling them on etsy, so look her up on Ravelry if you want some for yourself!!

Today I went to the jewelry store to sell a few rings I didn’t want anymore (3 rings…got $90 for them!! Plus I’ll get more when she figures out how much my wedding band is worth.) and get my wedding ring altered. She is going to remove the wedding band and replace the small diamonds with peridots, plus size it up 1/2 a size. After all that, I’ll still be getting money back! Great deal. Plus when she saw me she exclaimed “I need to see you for a massage!”, so I got a massage appointment out of it, too. She’s coming Monday, and bringing my finished ring with. I am so happy, and can’t wait to see it.

And here are some funny pictures:


Doesn’t the lava on top look like a penis?


Taffy and Lexie (Lexie’s in the box)




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It’s dead. The air conditioner officially died last night. It can’t be repaired anymore–it has to be replaced. Not sure if I’m going to tell B or not; I think I’m just going to go and look for a cheap window AC unit for my office to get me through the summer.

He’s sent me a few more emails. Very long emails. About how I’m trying to bleed him dry, and how I’m the one who is wanting the divorce, he never said he did, and how he was such a perfect husband and I’m being an evil vindictive bitch. WOW. Part of me wants to sit down and write a novella back to him explaining just how very wrong he is, but I won’t stoop to his level. We live in the same house, he can walk up the stairs and fucking talk to me about this stuff.

Still knitting on the shawl(s). I’m pretty much just working on the blue Aeolian right now. No pictures of either shawl because I’m too lazy!


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Yep, you read right. I started on BOTH shawls last weekend….Aeolian (blue Jaggerspun Zephyr) and Frost Flowers (cone of tan Alpaca/Silk).

Other than that, just dealing with divorce stuff and garage sale stuff.


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B has a three-day weekend, so I decided to get out of the house for a while. I drove to Rockford and picked up some supplies for the next two shawls I’m starting, went to the bookstore and got a few magazines and a book, then took myself to lunch at Red Lobster. Ahhhhhh. The food at Red Lobster was fabulous and my waitress was a doll.

I was reading Shambhala Sun while I was eating, and I saw a reference to a book I want to read: Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky: A Buddhist Path Through Divorce by Gabriel Cohen. I went to Borders after lunch, but they didn’t have any copies in, so I guess I’ll have to get it off Amazon. While at Borders, I checked out their divorce section, and did a quick read through two books. I got some good info from them, and I almost bought one, but for some reason I’d feel weird having a book like that about divorce sitting out. I obviously have issues I’m not addressing about it. Hm. (I would link to the books I’m talking about, but I don’t remember the titles or authors. Sorry)

All in all a nice, leisurely day. Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July weekend!


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Arizona Shawl




I am on a shawl kick now! Next will be either another Aeolian or Frost Flowers and Leaves.


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