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…to the (two) people who read my blog, but posting is few and far between because I have no internet connection of my own right now.

I am mostly settled in to my new place, just a few boxes left to unpack. I’ve been applying for jobs like mad, both massage and miscellanious, trying to get something…anything…soon.

It’s been a surprisingly easy transition for me, this move. Only one day so far crying over the past…other than that it’s been stress and crying about the job situation (and not too much of that, even). I know it will work out eventually, but when I stress about money, I stress long and hard about it.

I took a massage class last weekend, which was lots of fun. I got to meet some local massage therapists and learn a technique I never thought I’d enjoy (I took it for the hours, not the content, so I can get my license) but really really do. Now I’m looking forward to the next “level” class I’m signed up for next weekend.

No knitting to speak of, c’est la vie.



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No news is good news

So, the whole letter-writing idea went bust. My school won’t do it. I have to wait until after I move, then take 50 hours of continuing ed classes before I can get my license. I have to wait until after the move because the schools around here (and none are close, BTW) only have piddly classes…5-8 hours a pop. The school in Scottsdale has classes that run up to 25 hours, so I can get my hours done in two 3-day weekends. It doesn’t make the situation any better, but it’s the only solution I have at this point.

It is going to be mucho scary to move without a job (I may try to line up a part-time job or something, not sure yet. Methinks the school should be forced to give me a job, since they can’t be buggered to write a measly letter for me). Depending on the timing, I may be able to just live off the settlement money until I get my license, if all this takes place within a month. If my moving date screws with the first class, I will HAVE to find a job, because it will then take 2-3 months to get my license.

A friend asked me how long it will take after I finish my hours to get my license, and I formulated a plan. I will make a scene at the school so they messenger my transcript, ink still wet, over to the licensing board. I will then sit in the office every day, knitting, until they process my paperwork and can then hand me my license. Maybe I should also bring my iPod and sing songs as loudly as I can. Maybe that will make them work a wee bit faster!

After all my doom and gloom, I will leave you with a photo of me with my Stitch-In peeps, looking all happy together:


Front row: Marilyn, Linda, Heather, Lenore, Janan. Back row: Kathie, Eileen, Becky, Linda, Becky, Ollie, Heather, and me.


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I’ve been a bad blogger

Sorry. Lots going on here, and not much of it right now is good. I finished two more quilt tops (good), but they are being put on hold indefinitely until I can get some of this moving stuff straightened out.

The first problem I’m running into is my weight vs. personal health insurance. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that COBRA isn’t going to be too expensive for me because I’m on a few meds and I need prescription coverage at the very least. I know I need to lose weight, it’s on my to-do list. It just fries me that except for my weight and my high blood pressure (which is controlled by meds now), I am perfectly healthy. I hardly ever go to the doctor. No surgeries, no broken bones. Not even a cavity. But the fact that I don’t fit into their arbitrary number “box”, I can’t get insurance, or have to pay exorbitant amounts for the same insurance as someone who is “skinny” or “average” weight but may have a myriad of health problems.

The problem that is making me all RAGE RAGE right now is the AZ Board of Massage just told me, after it took them 2 months to get all my paperwork “in” (I think they had it for some time, in all honesty) to process my application, that my continuing education hours I submitted won’t count towards the 50 hours I am short on training (My school’s program was 650 hours, AZ requires 700 hours) because it wasn’t from a massage school. Nevermind it’s from a highly accredited and respected institute. No, they say I have to go to a massage school and get the 50 hours of training. Sure. I have plenty of time to do that in between moving across the country and getting divorced. And the fact it will cost me just under $1000 to get those 50 hours? No problem! I’ll just pick that money off my money tree tomorrow. I am going to call my massage school here in IL tomorrow and beg them to just write them a letter vouching for the hours, hopefully they’ll do it. I’ll cry if I have to. Don’t think I won’t. The AZ school I talked to said they run into this problem all the time, that the AZ Board is inconsistent about what CEU’s they will and won’t take, seemingly on a month by month basis.

What a fucking nightmare. Hopefully my apartment hunting next weekend will go smoothly (that is not a dare, Universe). Something should, at this point!


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So, B and I went to a counseling session today. We’re seeing the same counselor we’ve been to before for grief (me) and some physical/psychological issues (B). It was nice to just be able to jump into the problem instead of having to give a lot of history. We got a LOT of stuff out; I think it was the most productive hour I’ve spent in a long time. We feel a little better, but we have a long way to go. I can’t even verbalize all that I’m feeling about this situation. I was asked to switch days with someone at work this weekend, so I have Sunday off, and I’m thinking B and I need to go on a date. A real date that he has to plan and put effort into.

Hopefully I can clear my head a bit about this and get to my school work. I have to study for my TEAS test, plus I have a paper due on the 13th that I just plain don’t want to do. I decided I’m going to go ahead and continue getting all my application stuff in order, and when I go in for my meeting with the nursing director on the 20th, I’ll lay out my case for her then. She should have my TEAS scores then, and maybe I could get my chemistry teacher to write something about how well I’m doing in this class, since it’s the next level chemistry that’s in question. Hell, I have a feeling I could get the Organic Chemistry book, read it in the next 8 weeks, and take the final and pass it. But even if the director would just agree to put me on the “maybe” list and I at least get a chance to get in if someone drops or something, I’ll take it.

Lexie has been glued to my side lately. She seems to know I’ve been going through hell, and is doing what she can to comfort me. I love that little bugger!

I did some “self-medicating” and bought about $175 worth of stuff off my Amazon wish list. Heh. I would’ve bought yarn, but I can’t seem to get to my knitting for anything lately. I did buy some knitting books, though.


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Holy crap, what a time I’ve had the past few days. B told me he wanted a baby (now). I told him this was the WORST time to talk about this, but he’s feeling the baby fever, and he knows his wife has been pretty adamant against kidlets. So, I had a bit of a crisis deciding if I wanted kids or to be single again. I chose to be with him, and jump into the kiddie pool…BUT I want to get my LPN first.

I thought everything was OK at this point, but hell no. He tells me a few days later that he has feelings for a woman he works with. WHAT?!?!?!? She is a single mom, so he was all into the insta-family notion. I told him to decide on US or the FANTASY (which is all it was, really). He said he didn’t know. My life fell apart. He was thinking of leaving what we built over 6 years on the chance that this woman might have an interest in him…and only because she has a kid? He told me he didn’t feel I really wanted a family, and would change my mind eventually or regret deciding to have a kid. I told him I did not make my decision (to have a family) lightly and he needed to fucking trust me. He wouldn’t. He said I was always changing my mind about stuff, and why should this be any different? It seemed pretty hopeless.

Last night, I talked to my friend K, and she basically said that she thinks B still loves me and while he’s confused, he wants the marriage to work and by gosh I need to fight! So when he came home from work, I told him point blank I want a kid with you. I will do whatever it takes to make you see that I am serious. I want us to be together, and I want to be the one to give you a child. He said that’s what he wants, too, and he finally believes me, but I feel there is much work to be done to repair the damage that this inflicted. I don’t trust that he won’t up and leave on a whim.

Now all this means I have to go full speed ahead to try to get into the LPN program for this fall. I am plugging along, making appointments for exams and getting people lined up for recommendation letters and such, and here comes the fucking problem to end it all: they added a class to the program last year, the school catalog is almost three years old (and they don’t update it online), so I just find out in the application packet that I need Chemistry 120 (the next level up from the class I’m in right now). No problem, I’ll take it in the summer. Hell no! You have to have the class (since it’s a pre-req and not support) done by the SPRING semester beforehand. Shhhhhhhiiiiiitttttttt. ONE CLASS IS GOING TO KEEP ME FROM GETTING INTO THIS PROGRAM AND I’LL HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE OTHER YEAR. Hell no! I’m fighting this one with all I got. I have a 3.81 GPA, next week they’ll have my TEAS test results (which should tell them I’m awesomely smart), plus this one. fucking. class. is newly added on. I will take it over the summer. Plus, another kicker is the advisor I talked to didn’t even know that pre-reqs had to be done the spring before applying.

Everyone keep their fingers crossed I can get this school thing straightened out. I am so fucking tired of fighting to keep everything in my life going the way I want it to. Can’t something be easy?

Sorry for all the swearing.


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One busy week

Starting Saturday afternoon, I may just crawl into bed and not resurface until Monday. Or ever! My week looked like this, starting with last Tuesday (Feb 10):

Tuesday: School; take cats to vet

Wednesday: 2 massage appointments; CNA job 2-10:30

Thursday: CNA 2-10:30

Friday: 3 massage appointments

Saturday: 1 massage appt; CNA 2-10:30

Sunday: CNA 2-10:30

Monday: 3 massage appts

Tuesday: School

Holy crap am I tired! I still have one more day of “training” at the new job (this Thursday), then I’ll only be working there every other weekend. Not one stitch of knitting has been done in what feels like forever. I miss it. Thankfully Stitch-In is tonight, and I ain’t missing it for anything!

School is going well. I really like chemistry. People in my class would probably beat me over the head with a rock if they saw this. It just makes sense; if you take the time and do the steps, it’s actually really easy. I think my classmates that seem to be having a rough time of it are trying too hard, or wanting to get from point A to point G without having to hit B, C, D, E, and F on the way. Now psychology, on the other hand, is not my cuppa tea. We had an exam last Tuesday, and I would have bet you money I failed that test (or gotten a D at best). We get the test back today, and mine is the last test he hands back so the anticipation is killing me, and OMGWTF I got an A! 98% even! Margaritas on me tonight!! It helps that he grades on a curve (he throws out the questions the majority of the class gets wrong, and if you get those right, you get double points for them) but I still never ever expected this.

We’re getting our taxes done tomorrow, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get a refund. We could use some $$ for vacation–which is in April, coming up fast!–but I may whine and carry on about getting an iTouch if we get enough money back. I am in love; they are the coolest gadget I’ve seen in a long time. Either that or an iPhone….same difference to me. I would love to carry fewer electronics around; right now I use a Palm Pilot for appointments and Quicken and stuff, a cell phone, and my iPod. An iPhone would cover all 3 in one! The only thing holding us back (because of course B would want one too, especially since he keeps breaking his Palm Pilots) is that Pocket Quicken isn’t compatible with Apple devices, only Windows Mobile. Boo. I’m trying to figure out a way around that, plus find the $600 for two iPhones that would need to fall out of the sky for us to afford them (and unfortunately I’m not crapping money this week).

If you are still reading this, you get a gold star because all that blathering had to be fucking boring!


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The opposite of hot

Man is it cold here! The sign outside the clinic by my house said -8, which is probably why Lexi wants to be in my lap every second I’m sitting down.

I stopped by WalMart on my way home from school today to pick up a few things (one of them being a gift for B’s birthday tomorrow), and one thing I wanted was earmuffs….couldn’t find them anywhere. Poo. Now I’m off to search Ravelry for some kind of ear wrap thing, something that won’t flatten out my hair like my hood does. I really kinda wish I could just say the hell with my hair and make the dead fish hat. That is the coolest thing ever.

I made it through my first week of school. This semester I’m taking Intro to Psychology and Intro to Chemistry. I was pretty freaked out at the idea of taking chemistry, but it doesn’t seem too bad (so far). The psych class is going to be freaking easy–my teacher is really cool and laid back. I feel sorry for my friend Rhonda, who switched to the other psych teacher because he “gives out study guides”…she said she has a paper to start writing already. We don’t have any papers to write…just two article reviews (read an article on human behavior and critique it). Plus my teacher gives out a sample test during the exam reviews, so you know your weak points! He is teh awesome. And he’d probably like my dead fish hat.

Riohnna, I was a ‘tard and replied to your comment in my comment section of the last post. I didn’t ignore you 🙂

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