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The opposite of hot

Man is it cold here! The sign outside the clinic by my house said -8, which is probably why Lexi wants to be in my lap every second I’m sitting down.

I stopped by WalMart on my way home from school today to pick up a few things (one of them being a gift for B’s birthday tomorrow), and one thing I wanted was earmuffs….couldn’t find them anywhere. Poo. Now I’m off to search Ravelry for some kind of ear wrap thing, something that won’t flatten out my hair like my hood does. I really kinda wish I could just say the hell with my hair and make the dead fish hat. That is the coolest thing ever.

I made it through my first week of school. This semester I’m taking Intro to Psychology and Intro to Chemistry. I was pretty freaked out at the idea of taking chemistry, but it doesn’t seem too bad (so far). The psych class is going to be freaking easy–my teacher is really cool and laid back. I feel sorry for my friend Rhonda, who switched to the other psych teacher because he “gives out study guides”…she said she has a paper to start writing already. We don’t have any papers to write…just two article reviews (read an article on human behavior and critique it). Plus my teacher gives out a sample test during the exam reviews, so you know your weak points! He is teh awesome. And he’d probably like my dead fish hat.

Riohnna, I was a ‘tard and replied to your comment in my comment section of the last post. I didn’t ignore you 🙂


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