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What a clusterfuck

So, I mentioned the other day that I quit the nursing home gig….unfortunately, my former co-workers didn’t get the message. I got a pissy phone call yesterday from the nurse telling me I “was on the schedule and am now a no call, no show”. I don’t think so, lady! I called back yesterday and got the head CNA, who I explained the situation to, but the nurse called me again today saying I was a no show. Will people there fucking talk to each other?! What the hell do I need to do, pass out fliers? If they list me on the registry as a no call no show, I will raise some hell. I quit. HR has my letter of resignation. FUCK!!!!


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I got the job!!!!

Hooray for me! I will be working as a CNA soon. Every other weekend with the option of picking up open shifts. I am very excited, as I really like this facility and the residents. I took my drug test today, and I go for my physical on Friday. After they get those results back, plus the background check, I’ll go in for orientation.

B saw my fish hat sitting out and said “What’s that?” with a pouty face. I said it was a hat I was working on, and he said “Oh….”. Point taken. I know he wants his sweater, and I have been taking way too long in finishing it (I started it in August, for crying out loud!!), so I will work on nothing else until the sweater is done! Especially since the hat is gross, I don’t like the colors at all:


Sometimes I just suck at putting colors together. Oh well, it was leftover yarn so it’s going right into the circular file…


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Nothing new

I’ve been plugging along on B’s sweater…and the hat hasn’t gotten any action lately.

I am spending a godawful amount of time on Ravelry (LSG to be exact, even though I mostly lurk).

I spent some time today trying to get rid of some spyware. I noticed the other day when I’m online, the ring that shows up next to the cursor was just going and going in this spastic loop. When I ran Norton, I saw a program called FAUXVIRUS\carny_ride.exe and promptly looked it up online (thank you, Yahoo Answers!) to find out how to get rid of it pronto. I think it worked, we’ll see in the next couple of days. I think I got it from reunions.com. I was looking for a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a few years, and that site said they had info on him, but they spywared me instead! Not like it’s as bad as a virus, but it was still doing something with my ‘puter, which is not OK.

Oh yeah! I had my interview today, and it went pretty well. If I don’t hear from them by Wednesday, I think I’ll give them a jingle. I told them I was interested in flex time, which is every other weekend (2nd shift), plus I can sign up for any open shifts I want to. Part-time would’ve been cool, too, but I think flex time will be awesome, especially since I have to consider my massage job and school. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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Holy crud!

I’m so nervous! I have a job interview for a CNA position, and I haven’t been on an interview in at least five years. I filled out an application at the nursing home I did my clinical hours at, and that was a month and a half ago, so I figured it was a no-go. Then out of the blue they called me today, and I have an interview scheduled for Monday morning! Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.


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Some pictures

I have a new! improved! pic of the KISS purse:

So purty. I also made a Moebius Basket from this book:


Eh, it turned out OK. It took me two days to make, and I used some stash yarn (which was a booga bag that I never felted and ended up frogging), but it didn’t felt enough. So Noro Kureyon + size 11 needles = too big of stitches.

I took the state test for my CNA certificate today, and it was so freaking easy. I was the first person done and it took me all of 30 minutes. The worst part was somehow I pulled a muscle in my back this morning, between my shoulder blades, that makes moving my right arm torture…and I’m right-handed. I had a 90 minute massage scheduled this afternoon and I ended up rescheduling her for next week because just the thought of working makes that muscle throb. Boo. I needed the money. But when the body is hurting, I don’t push it. It usually only makes things worse!


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