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Snow Day!

Oh boy! School finished yesterday, and my only client today cancelled because of the snow and ice, so I have a whole day to sit and knit. Preferably with a cup of hot chocolate and a kitty in my lap.

ETA: Oh my. The neighbor across the street from us (“Weird Guy”) was out shoveling his driveway, and stood out in the street to stop the snowplow from plowing snow onto his driveway. They had a small stand-off, yelling at each other, then snowplow guy was on his phone, and eventually went around Weird Guy and continued on his way. 20 minutes later, a police car pulls up, and the officer and Weird Guy get into a heated discussion in the middle of his driveway (probably along the lines of “Don’t mess with city workers trying to do their jobs, idiot, unless you want to go to jail”).
Ah, the drama!



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