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Some pictures

I have a new! improved! pic of the KISS purse:

So purty. I also made a Moebius Basket from this book:


Eh, it turned out OK. It took me two days to make, and I used some stash yarn (which was a booga bag that I never felted and ended up frogging), but it didn’t felt enough. So Noro Kureyon + size 11 needles = too big of stitches.

I took the state test for my CNA certificate today, and it was so freaking easy. I was the first person done and it took me all of 30 minutes. The worst part was somehow I pulled a muscle in my back this morning, between my shoulder blades, that makes moving my right arm torture…and I’m right-handed. I had a 90 minute massage scheduled this afternoon and I ended up rescheduling her for next week because just the thought of working makes that muscle throb. Boo. I needed the money. But when the body is hurting, I don’t push it. It usually only makes things worse!



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