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Home Sweet Home

Well, except for all the crap I have to do now….

Thursday night the four of us went to Bootleggers Bistro for dinner. It was so amazingly good! I had chicken parmigiana, and I swear the chicken covered 3/4 of the plate (yes, I ate it ALL. But it was too good to go to waste). We went back to our hotel and started packing, then I was going to get ready for bed since we had to be up at 3:30am. B said he wanted to go out for a while, so we walked over to South Point. He sat down at a blackjack table and I watched him for a bit, then wandered off on my own. I won $30 on a penny machine (Sea Monkeys FTW!), then went back to see how he was doing. He handed me a $100 chip. Not bad, obviously. I left him and went back to the hotel around 11:30 and dozed off and on until the alarm, so I was a real ray of sunshine. B kept dinking around in the room gathering garbage and such, which I was planning on leaving for the maid service, so we didn’t leave for the airport until 4:30am. We had to go and drop the car off first, then take a shuttle bus to the airport, then we walked right past the check-in counters and headed up to security, turned around and went back to check-in. Thankfully we got to jump to the front of the line since it was 5:00 and our flight left at 6:00. I was hyperventilating I was so nervous we were going to miss the flight. Security took close to 1/2 hour to get through, and we got to the gate just in time for boarding to start. I could’ve strangled B, with all of his “We don’t need to leave too early. We’ll probably be one of the only flights leaving that early in the morning, blah blah blah.”

We got home, and it was warmer in Illinois than in Nevada! The cats are happy we came back…Lexie has been snuggling me and making up for lost time


and Taffy’s been a real purr machine. I’m a little worried something’s wrong with Taffy, though. She’s been walking funny and looks like she’s lost more weight. B says he sees nothing wrong with her, but he didn’t think anything was wrong when she first had diabetes, so I’m not paying attention to him. I called the vet’s office and explained her symptoms, and the tech said it sounded like she had a stroke. I really hope not, but I’m going to take her in early next week to be checked out by the vet. The cat sitter said she didn’t notice anything unusual except for Friday morning, when she said she thought Taffy was a bit slower than before. So if it happened, it happened right before we came home. Keep your fingers crossed that she’s OK.


Check out my previous posts for photos from Las Vegas. I went back and added them in.



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Las Vegas Part IV

Wednesday we went with my Dad and stepmom D to Margaritaville for dinner, then over to Fremont street to see the light show. We were going to try and do more, but we were all beat, and B and I were back at our hotel by 10pm.






Today (Thursday) they picked us up and took us to this great little place called Blueberry Hill for breakfast, then we went to M & M World


and New York-New York


Dad and I rode the roller coaster, which was fun but very bumpy. The padding they had for around your head was a bit hard, and I got a good bop to my jaw on one turn.

We got to stop on the way back to our hotel and get photos taken at the Las Vegas sign!




For some reason I love that sign, I keep buying stuff that has the sign on it. I have a shirt, a keychain, a pillow shaped like a poker chip


a picture frame with M & Ms and a Vegas sign


….I think that’s all, and I’ve restrained myself.

The weather warmed up enough that I could take one more dip in the pool. We’re getting ready to out for dinner tonight, then we have to get in bed early…we have a 6am flight tomorrow morning ­čśŽ┬á Back to the real world!


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Las Vegas Part III

On Monday, we had tickets to see the Blue Man Group at the Venetian. We headed over there about 3pm to check out the hotel, and boy is it gorgeous! They have a giant courtyard area in the middle of the hotel and it looks like you’re outside. The ceiling is domed and painted like the sky, the walls look like rows of buildings, and the canal runs through it so you can watch the gondolas float by. I really wanted to go on a gondola ride, but the timing just didn’t work out…maybe next time! We ate at Canaletto’s for dinner, which was very good, then walked around (and did a little losing gambling) until it was time for Blue Man.









The show was excellent. It starts out a bit slow, and I was getting disappointed, but then it picked up and was really enjoyable. After the show, as part of the tickets we purchased, we got a meet-n-greet with one of the Blue Men. There were only two other groups of people in there with us, and since the Blue Men can’t talk, we pretty much just took photos and got out.



Tuesday was a laid-back day for us. B wanted to stay in all day but I said no, so we went over to South Point and grabbed lunch at Del Mar Deli, which had the best Reuben ever!! Plus their dessert cases had the yummiest looking sweets–giant cookies, beautiful cakes, brownies, and turnovers. Then we went and saw the movie “Knowing”. I thought the movie was excellent…until the ending. Great storyline and acting, very suspenseful, but they just didn’t put a good ending on it. Then we ordered food for dinner and had a bugger of a time finding the place to pick it up!

Today my Dad and stepmom arrive from Arizona. We may go bowling (which will be fun, but he’s there for a bowling tournament, so they might as well put bumpers on our lane so B and I have a fighting chance to get good scores compared to my Dad!). He also mentioned maybe going to New York New York, so we’ll see what’s in store for us today and tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s almost time to head home already, but I can’t wait to snuggle my kitties again. I’ve missed them.


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Las Vegas Part II

Sunday┬ánight we went to Excalibur for the Tournament of Kings dinner show, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t waste your money. It sucked. The food was almost dusty it was so dried out, and the show was abominable. Medieval Times is much much better. We got the dinner tickets for $20 as part of our timesuck timeshare presentation, along with gaming vouchers, which we got screwed over on too. But in the course of my slot machine play, I did win $56.

We tried to go to M & M world, which I really want to see, but the traffic was crazy and we didn’t know the best place to park to get there. Maybe tonight after we go to Blue Man Group at the Venetian we can take a cab over.

81F here, 40F back home…..I’m going to hang by the pool for a while!


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Las Vegas Part I

Getting to the airport was a bit of an adventure in itself. I was driving along, minding my own business, when this woman in a white car came careening up a side street (which had a stop sign) and didn’t so much as slow down as she turned onto the highway, right in front of me. I called her every name in the book, of course, and as I went around her (and gave her the evil eye), B said what I was thinking– “She really doesn’t look like she cares at all”. What a way to start a vacation! But that got my mind off of obsessing about the house– did I forget something, did I leave something running that needed to be turned off, are the cats OK, is the house going to go up in a firey blaze. I told B about the last one, and he gave me a weary look. Realizing it was a bit over-the-top, I lauged it off with “…because you know how the house is always catching fire!” We had a good laugh over that one (at least I did, I think I’m hilarious).

I ran into a client of mine at the airport, and it ended up we were sitting in the row in front of her and her husband! What a coincidence.

It was a bit chilly when we got to Vegas. We checked in to the resort





and went to the hotel/casino next door, South Point, that evening for dinner. Mmmmmm, the prime rib was excellent, but gave me the trots (sorry, TMI!). I finished off the evening with a soak in our jacuzzi tub.

Saturday B and I went down to the fitness center in the AM to start our day off right. I began on the elliptical machine and lasted all of 3 minutes on the sucker before my legs turned to Jello, so I moved over to a treadmill. B went back to the room to study, and I hit the pool. I was all by myself so I got to swim laps, then just relax. Nice. We had a timeshare presentation to attend which was supposed to be 90 minutes long…guess how long it actually took? Three hours. I was livid. It was so not worth the $20 show tickets and $50 in gaming vouchers. They were offering us a great upgrade deal, which we hated to pass up, but B’s job is probably getting moved to China by the end of the year, so we just don’t have any money right now to do anything. Anyhoo….

So B went back to studying, and we ended up going out around dinnertime. We went over to the new “M” resort, which is gorgeous, but the restaurants required reservations. Boo. So we left there and went to a Joe’s Crab Shack (thank Bob I brought my GPS!). Take me out for crab and I’m one happy girl.

Today is Easter. We’re probably staying in all day. I think I’ll hang by the pool and get some sun, maybe knit on my sock a bit. I should call the cat sitter and see how the kitties are doing….

Happy Easter!


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I can’t believe this, Las Vegas has snow:

In other news, I have changed my browser to Mozilla Firefox, and I have to say, I really like it. I’m amazed at how much faster it is than IE. If you haven’t heard, there is a major security flaw in IE; I read on Yahoo! that if possible, you should change browsers ASAP, since Firefox (and other browsers) don’t have the same problems as IE does.

And in knitting news, I decided to do some surgery on my Bountiful Bohus. I didn’t like the neckline on it (too wide, not good for a winter sweater), so I ripped it back and after about the 132,574,079 time I successfully narrowed the neckline. Now I can get back to my purse and B’s sweater.


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