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I went to Stitches Midwest today, which was fun. The market was a lot smaller this year, and I didn’t buy very much. A skein of ribbon yarn, a mug with a little sheep and “Knit Happy” on it, and a few patterns. I brought my copy of Folk Shawls with and had Cheryl Oberle sign it. And I bought a few things for a friend on Ravelry.

They are filming an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in one of the neighboring towns, so our town’s been buzzing. Ty Pennington has been spotted at a few of our local eateries, and I heard he was at the baseball field pitching to the kids. Last I heard, David Duchovney is supposed to be coming out to work on the house at some point. I guess that’s a new thing for next season, having a celebrity come and work on the house.

We have a court date for the divorce, the 24th of this month. I am going to send my apartment application in on Monday, and talk to my dad and stepmom about setting a moving date! I am going to have a million things to do in the next month.

I really need to get some packing done this weekend. And try to get more boxes. The bookcase and DVD rack are empty, but that’s about it. Next up are the picture frames and knicknacks.



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Let’s see…

  • I’m working on a quilt (and already have plans for two more, but we won’t talk about that)
  • Working on a shawl (Frost Flowers and Leaves. Not loving it –I think it’s the color– but am sure if I don’t want it, someone in my world will!)
  • Got the retainer check from STBX for the lawyer. Just have to wait til the 7th to get the papers signed and the divorce actually in process! Not really what I had in mind for the day before my 35th birthday. Whatever.
  • Still no ring. Hopefully tomorrow.
  • Still no A/C. The window unit I bought for my office doesn’t fit right because the window frame is really weird. B said to call the repair guy and have him refill the central air, and see how long that lasts.
  • A guy flirted with me yesterday! I was taken aback, as I have not had a man show any interest in me in quite some time. It was nice. Send some mojo so maybe I’ll get a few dates….maybe more wink wink. It’s been seven months….I think my virginity’s growing back.
  • Went to my friend Becky’s tonight to sit and knit, and ended up staying for dinner (at her invitation). Quiche and salad. Yum!
  • Gave my friend Linda the blue Aeolian shawl the other day, and she flipped out! She kept hugging me. I like surprising someone with something for no reason…isn’t that the best?


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Stitch-In was last night–it was good to get out with the girls. I got to show off my finished Lady Eleanor:


and my socks in progress:


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Back to work

Wow, I never thought I’d say it, but I’m glad to finally be “back to work”. The past two weeks have been so slow because of the holidays, but this week looks to be a good one….lots of appointments. School starts next week (yay), and I’m only taking two little 3-credit-hour-classes. I’m still trying to decide if I should get a CNA job, or just let that coast for a while. There’s no real rush. Eh, I’ll wait and see. Don’t need anything else cutting into my crafting time 🙂

I am almost done with my KISS Purse. I just have to make the second bottom piece and the i-cord (and felt the whole shebang)!

About a week ago, I was at Joann Fabrics, and a bunch of fabric followed me home. Yep. Enough for a whole quilt, actually. I was going to start cutting it this weekend, but ended up nursing a cold instead. Blah. I can’t believe I was sick AGAIN–I just had a cold in October(?)-ish.


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Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. As you can see, my Grandma loves her sweater:

And it fits her perfectly!

Progress on the KISS purse:

Here is my new! improved! Bountiful Bohus:

I am so much happier with it. The neckline is perfect. After wearing it to my Grandma’s on Sunday, the only bad thing I have to say is it’s a bit big on me. If I do make another I’ll have to make it one size smaller. Better too big than too small though! When I redid the neck I had to redo the button bands. I changed those to two-stitch buttonholes (from three-stitch), which work better with the buttons.
My aunt couldn’t believe I made my sweater (or Grandma’s for that matter)…I think she’s going to drop hints next year for a handmade sweater 🙂

I had to show off some of my Christmas cookies. The ones on the left are Raspberry Poinsettias, and the ones on the right are Pecan Shortbread Trees:

The powdered sugar ones on the right edge are Chai-Almond cookies, which were OK. I overbaked them a bit so they were crunchy instead of crumbly. The cutout cookies I made didn’t last long at all once B set his sights on them. It’s amazing how fast he eats up those cookies.
I also made truffles to bring to my Grandma’s, she stole all of those. I got one, and almost lost a finger in the process.


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and I am DONE with school for a month. Phew! I have a test this week, a test and a final next week, then a final the following week and I’m outta there. More time for knitting!

Speaking of which, it is slow going on Grandma’s Cardigan. Like this slow:

I finally finished the fronts (and washed/blocked them) and started the sleeves, but I am very suspicious about it not fitting her. I didn’t take measurements, which I am totally kicking myself over, but someone I know must be a size 8 or 10 to try it on for me.

I already found a new project to add to my To Knit list…mittens! I have some nice store-bought mittens, but I found this pattern and, well, I must have them. Yesterday.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a few days. Gak. I’m doing a low-key dinner, since it’s just the two of us, and making: a turkey breast, green bean casserole, and stuffing (from scratch, the only way to have it!)

B is in a pissy mood today, which puts me in a pissy mood, which I’m trying to fight. Really trying. Otherwise next stop is telling the husband to call the whambulance….
He has a lot of homework to do. Me too. But he treats his schoolwork like it’s the most important thing in the universe at that moment. It’s not.
I busted my ass cleaning the house yesterday. All I asked of him was to: do laundry, bring up Christmas decorations, and install new flourescent light today. He has done one load of laundry, nothing else.
I went grocery shopping today. Got a ton of stuff, he didn’t even ask if I needed help bringing it inside.
Now he’s crabbing and flailing about something not working right on his computer (still doing homework), but he doesn’t want me to look at him. OK, chief.
It’s going to be a long night…
/end rant


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