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The drama!

Holy fuck have I had a weekend. B never came home from work Friday night, which just pissed me off because I thought he hooked up with some skank and spent the night with her. But when he didn’t come home on Saturday, by 5:00 I was a bit worried. I looked at his stuff downstairs and he didn’t have his meds with him. A little more worried, I called his mom. She had texted him Friday night, and at 3am got a text from him saying “Not doing well”. Calls to his phone went right to voicemail. I called the hospital, no record of him there, so I called the police and reported him missing.

Talked with a very nice officer, B’s mom and sister came over to sit with me for a while, I called B’s dad, who went out in search of his vehicle. Everything was quiet for a bit, MIL and SIL left, I watched TV and waited to see if he would come home. FIL called at 11:30pm and said he thinks he found B’s vehicle at the hospital. I go screaming over there, and sure enough, it’s his. I go in and talk to the lady at the ER desk. She says they have no record of him being admitted. I say BUT I AM HIS WIFE AND I HAVE REPORTED HIM MISSING TO THE POLICE AND HIS VEHICLE IS IN YOUR PARKING LOT WHERE IS HE. She says she has no information to give me. I call the police and they send the officer over. He goes in and talks to the same ER lady. She tells him that B admitted himself Friday night, and they transferred him to the next town over. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS??? No matter what is going on with him, if people are out looking for him and reporting him missing, you at least tell the people freaking out the bare minimum information so they know he’s OK and being looked after.

So he is in the hospital, apparently he was contemplating suicide and admitted himself. I have been a mess since last night worrying about him, because I still care about him even though he doesn’t love me. He called his mom and asked her to bring him some things (which I had to get together). He never told them we were divorcing, so I told them everything. When he was talking to his mom, she asked him “What is going on that got you here?” He said “Stress” She asked “About the divorce?” He said “Yes”. I call bullshit. He is doing this for drama. I have been the one doing everything regarding the divorce, on top of a million other things I have to get in order to move. His life is work and school, same as it has been for a while now. And HE wanted the divorce, what is he stressing over all of a sudden that would make him want to kill himself?

I talked to my friend Becky, and with some tough love, she made me realize how he’s manipulating me with this shit. And it’s so true. He knows something like this will make me want to come running to take care of him and be there for him like I’ve always been. But all I could do was sit by the phone and hope he, or someone, would call to tell me what was going on. Or that he would want me there, realizing finally what he was throwing away. He doesn’t want me around though. He called his mom. So his family needs to step up and take care of him. It’s not my place anymore. At least I know he’s all right, and is getting help (hopefully he’ll follow through and get REAL help for his issues), and his family is ready and willing to step up and be there for him even though all he’s done is push them further and further away lately.



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and I am DONE with school for a month. Phew! I have a test this week, a test and a final next week, then a final the following week and I’m outta there. More time for knitting!

Speaking of which, it is slow going on Grandma’s Cardigan. Like this slow:

I finally finished the fronts (and washed/blocked them) and started the sleeves, but I am very suspicious about it not fitting her. I didn’t take measurements, which I am totally kicking myself over, but someone I know must be a size 8 or 10 to try it on for me.

I already found a new project to add to my To Knit list…mittens! I have some nice store-bought mittens, but I found this pattern and, well, I must have them. Yesterday.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a few days. Gak. I’m doing a low-key dinner, since it’s just the two of us, and making: a turkey breast, green bean casserole, and stuffing (from scratch, the only way to have it!)

B is in a pissy mood today, which puts me in a pissy mood, which I’m trying to fight. Really trying. Otherwise next stop is telling the husband to call the whambulance….
He has a lot of homework to do. Me too. But he treats his schoolwork like it’s the most important thing in the universe at that moment. It’s not.
I busted my ass cleaning the house yesterday. All I asked of him was to: do laundry, bring up Christmas decorations, and install new flourescent light today. He has done one load of laundry, nothing else.
I went grocery shopping today. Got a ton of stuff, he didn’t even ask if I needed help bringing it inside.
Now he’s crabbing and flailing about something not working right on his computer (still doing homework), but he doesn’t want me to look at him. OK, chief.
It’s going to be a long night…
/end rant


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