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I got the job!!!!

Hooray for me! I will be working as a CNA soon. Every other weekend with the option of picking up open shifts. I am very excited, as I really like this facility and the residents. I took my drug test today, and I go for my physical on Friday. After they get those results back, plus the background check, I’ll go in for orientation.

B saw my fish hat sitting out and said “What’s that?” with a pouty face. I said it was a hat I was working on, and he said “Oh….”. Point taken. I know he wants his sweater, and I have been taking way too long in finishing it (I started it in August, for crying out loud!!), so I will work on nothing else until the sweater is done! Especially since the hat is gross, I don’t like the colors at all:


Sometimes I just suck at putting colors together. Oh well, it was leftover yarn so it’s going right into the circular file…



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