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Glad it’s over

Another Christmas is over. This year was very quiet for us (since most of my family–except for the most awesome Grandma ever–isn’t talking to me), and we were having a grand time. We rented movies, made yummy foods, and generally lazed about.

Then it happened.

One of my sisters decided to break the cone of silence.

She sent me some text messages, full of “Merry Christmas” and “I love you” and “I miss you”. WTF? Do you expect me to forget what you did to me? I admit it, I replied to her messages. I asked her to tell dad the truth. She said “he does know the truth. It’s not a game. Things got jumbled up”. No shit. Why would I think this was a game when it’s affecting my life the way it is? If she knows facts got “jumbled up”, why is no one trying to fix it? I hinted for her to call me, but she didn’t take the bait and hid behind more text messages. Funny how no one involved will actually pick up a phone and talk to me, they either text or email me (that should be past tense. This is the first I’ve heard from any of them in two months). Plus I think she was drunk, so it was probably better she didn’t call, although the texts pissed me off more than enough. Way to ruin my Christmas….and I wonder if that was her intention all along.



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I’ll start with the last one since you probably were like “Yep, OK, ….huh?!”

Grandma’s Cardigan is getting on my last nerve. I had the sleeves ALL done, blocked, ready to join on. But when I went to attach them, they were too small. Grr. So I cast on stitches around the armhole, intending to work them from the armhole down, but it was going to be too much of a pain in the butt to do it that way. So I took the cast on # and did some math, and now have a new! improved! sleeve measurement, and now my sleeves look like this:

Because it was just easier to start from scratch than fix them. At least the body is all done, otherwise I’d be seriously freaking out that I have to redo the sleeves with only 18 days left. I know a lot of knitters will work on a project on Christmas Eve night to finish in time to gift Christmas Day, but I am not one of those people. The more of a buffer zone I have, the better. With anything. I don’t like to be rushed.

It’s been snowing like crazy the past few days, including right now:

Which make the Christmas decorations look all the more festive (pardon the signage behind the tree):

I’m glad I decided to decorate this year. I haven’t for the past 2 years as kind of a boycott on Christmas since my Mom died, since it was her favorite time of year. But I think she’s happy I got over it and put up some pretty stuff…some of it used to be hers, too! The stocking is old…34 years old, to be exact. My great-grandma made it for me for my 1st Christmas. I love it.

And this is what I get for leaving my office door open a teeny tiny crack:

A cat sleeping on the heated massage table!

P.S. Awesome new Christmas album:


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