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…and maybe a little wiser…

Thursday, I met my friend Kristy in Janesville, WI for lunch, shopping, and general merriment. We met at The Dragonfly Yarn Shop, a wonderful little yarn store (and there was a bead shop right next door! Heaven!) owned by Kerri, who is one of the nicest people ever. Kristy is not a knitter, so Kerri and I were very amused at Kristy’s take on things (she thought the ball winder and swift were simply mesmerizing). I splurged and bought myself a hank of 100% silk lace weight yarn:


Then Kristy and I headed off to lunch at Red Robin:


On Friday, I had to go and sign the divorce petition, so I scheduled a massage immediately following the lawyer. Then that evening I finished my quilt:



Saturday, I went and got a reflexology session from my friend Sue, then headed to Rockford to spend the evening with my sister Amy. We went to dinner at TGIFriday’s:


Look at that steak sandwich! She, of course, told the waitress it was my birthday, and at the end of our meal we got a small sundae and the waiters sang Happy Birthday to me. I was a little buzzed at that point (their Blackberry Margaritas are to die for!), so I didn’t get too embarrassed. Then we went and saw Julie & Julia, which was sooooo excellent. Really, go see this movie! Meryl Streep was just phenomenal in it. After that was drinks at Big Al’s Bar, then we lost steam and were back at the hotel at….10:30. Yes, I’m getting old.

I couldn’t sleep very well, and Amy was up early, so I was up by 8am. We went to breakfast at IHOP, then both headed home.


I puttered around a bit, then took a nap. It was so nice to sleep in the air conditioning at the hotel, I didn’t want to come home. At least we got more rain today, which cooled things off a bit. I was going to go see another movie (I really want to see Harry Potter in the theater), I should’ve gotten groceries…sigh. Woulda, coulda, shoulda! But I had a great birthday.



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