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Happy day!

What a great day…..I better enjoy it while it lasts.

I talked with the lawyer yesterday, and I am going to be able to get the settlement $$ I requested from B. Now I can comfortably move to AZ, which is a huge relief! Then last night I finished the blue Aeolian shawl:



Love love love it! Hope the recipient loves it too.

I got some hand made stitch markers from The Queen (on Ravelry) that are absolutely gorgeous:


She had asked me about some yarn I had (from a sweater I was making for B), but since I gave up on it, I sent her the 5 skeins I had left over, and she made me the stitch markers. I think I came out ahead in that trade! She says she may start selling them on etsy, so look her up on Ravelry if you want some for yourself!!

Today I went to the jewelry store to sell a few rings I didn’t want anymore (3 rings…got $90 for them!! Plus I’ll get more when she figures out how much my wedding band is worth.) and get my wedding ring altered. She is going to remove the wedding band and replace the small diamonds with peridots, plus size it up 1/2 a size. After all that, I’ll still be getting money back! Great deal. Plus when she saw me she exclaimed “I need to see you for a massage!”, so I got a massage appointment out of it, too. She’s coming Monday, and bringing my finished ring with. I am so happy, and can’t wait to see it.

And here are some funny pictures:


Doesn’t the lava on top look like a penis?


Taffy and Lexie (Lexie’s in the box)





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Arizona Shawl




I am on a shawl kick now! Next will be either another Aeolian or Frost Flowers and Leaves.


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I am finishing the shawl tonight. Woohoo! Hopefully I’ll get pics up tomorrow or Thursday.

Here is a pic of Taffy looking all lazy….



P.S. I returned the Shrek Carnival game. It sucked eggs. I love the Shrek movies but in my opinion the games are terrible.

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B is giving me “custody” of our Nintendo Wii, so today I took in all his dumb sports games and traded them in at Gamestop, along with some of my DS games. In return I got: Mario Karts (w/ one wheel adaptor), Shrek Carnival, and Brain Challenge (DS). I am SUPER EXCITED about Mario Karts, it is my all time favorite game. I have it for the DS and it’s OK, but I bet it is going to be AWESOME with the Wii controller.

I only have 2 1/2 more rows left on the Arizona Shawl. I had to stop the other night mid-row because it was a long ass row with tons of beads and I just couldn’t get it all done in one night, OK? 🙂

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. What a sob fest! But a truly amazing movie. It really made me think about life, and how we take things for granted, and what if you had to life your life completely opposite of everyone else?

I’m going to try and go through my pictures tonight (redo my photo screen, move photo album pictures to a photo box), then tomorrow hopefully I can work on the downstairs more. We’ll see. I haven’t had much desire to work on any moving stuff lately, not sure why. Just low on energy in general I guess!

Oh yeah, I called the lawyer the other day, and she’s sending me a packet of info for getting the divorce started, and I have a phone consultation scheduled for Wednesday. It’s on!


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Pixie photos

Some pictures of the finished Pixie Sweater:


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…for not bringing the Pixie Sweater with me when I bought the buttons. The daisies are too big for the buttonholes!! Poo.


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The Pixie Sweater is done and blocking! I put some little daisy buttons on, and I think it looks super cute.

Hopefully I’ll hear if I got the job or not in the next few days. They called my references, which then called me to report how it went. Everyone gushed about me, so fingers crossed!! I went from 9 hours of appointments this week to 6 hours, with a no-show this morning, so I am really hoping I get the job.

I had a counseling session this morning, and when I go to see her, I feel I can’t talk fast enough to get everything out in that hour. Last time I saw her was before I went to AZ, so there was much to get her caught up on. Like the fact I heard my stepdad got married, and no one told me until about a week ago. Yeah. And both of us puzzling over B’s actions. Lots to talk about.


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