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I’m back!

Boy, I’ve been gone a long time! Lots has gone on, let me fill you in….

I really love it here in Arizona. Loving the weather (75 degrees today. Crazy!); love my job, they’re keeping me VERY busy; love my little apartment. I just got my internet hooked up today, I’ve been living off of mobile web (yuck) and using my sister’s computer when I had the chance. Almost two months without internet seemed like forever! I had a problem getting the wireless router to work, but finally when I restarted the computer everything was A-OK….except my computer was really slow (has been for quite a while now), so I decided to throw caution to the wind and restore the damn thing. I tried to have faith that all the files I needed were safely backed up on my external drive. SIGH. I think I’ll get most of my files eventually. That’s all I’m gonna say about that….

Which really sucks because I have a brand-new iPod Touch just waiting to be used! I splurged on it when I found out I was getting my settlement next month. Can’t wait to get out from under some of these bills. Obviously it’s not bad enough that I stop contributing to the bills….

OK, enough of that for now. I haven’t been knitting lately, work is super busy so I’m trying to save my hands, plus now my stupid ass computer is going to keep me busy for a while. Plus my sense of time is all off down here; I cannot believe next week is Christmas! I have cookies to bake on Sunday to ship to a certain someone, then more cookies to make Wednesday for our family get-together Christmas Day.

Well, time for me to try and get some sleep. It’s been a long day!



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