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…to the (two) people who read my blog, but posting is few and far between because I have no internet connection of my own right now.

I am mostly settled in to my new place, just a few boxes left to unpack. I’ve been applying for jobs like mad, both massage and miscellanious, trying to get something…anything…soon.

It’s been a surprisingly easy transition for me, this move. Only one day so far crying over the past…other than that it’s been stress and crying about the job situation (and not too much of that, even). I know it will work out eventually, but when I stress about money, I stress long and hard about it.

I took a massage class last weekend, which was lots of fun. I got to meet some local massage therapists and learn a technique I never thought I’d enjoy (I took it for the hours, not the content, so I can get my license) but really really do. Now I’m looking forward to the next “level” class I’m signed up for next weekend.

No knitting to speak of, c’est la vie.



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All moved

I’m writing this from sunny AZ. The move was loooong, but thankfully uneventful. Lexie didn’t want to take her happy pills, so I had to listen to her cry the WHOLE drive. Not fun. Plus she’s being pretty clingy now, but as I get us more settled in the apartment, she seems to settle more too.

Like the apartment complex so far. Quiet, nice grounds, I’m right by one of the pools. People are nice. My place looked small with all the boxes in it, but now that there are only a few boxes left, it will be a comfortable size.

Next up is looking for a job! I was going to wait until after I got my massage license to look, but I always worry about money, and I figure I better start putting feelers out now. Wish me luck!


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All packed up

Ready to go! We got everything loaded in about an hour and a half, and we PACKED the 16′ truck to the brim…it was almost too small.

After much deliberation, I decided to let my ex keep Taffy (the cat on my banner). She is old and diabetic, so the move would be really rough on her. I’ll miss her like crazy, but I need to do what’s best for her. If at any point he has a problem keeping her (he may have to move to an apartment if/when he loses his job), I told him I would fly out and take her. But he is really psyched to have her around, and I’ll have my little Lexie with me.

I took my car to get an oil change on Friday, and had them check it over extra-well. They noticed that my front tires were bald, soooooo I went over to the tire place, and of course the tires were over $200 EACH to replace. But what would a major life change be without an unexpected expense?

I am going to miss my friends SO much. I cried all last week it seems, saying goodbye to everyone. That has truly been the hardest part of this move.


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One week

I’ve been super busy with packing and other miscellaneous things, which is why I haven’t had a chance to post recently. B is being a lot nicer now that my moving date is ever so close.

I am starting to get REALLY nervous about the move….


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