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In the past week we’ve had: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson pass on. Now I see that infomercial king Billy Mays has died.

My sister sent me a funny joke and I haven’t been able to share it with anyone, so I’ll post it here. Before Farrah died, she was asked what her final wish was. She said all she wanted was for all the children of the world to be safe. So god killed Michael Jackson.

C’mon, you chuckled, right?!

I organized my pictures yesterday! Now I have a bunch of empty spots on my photo screen, mostly 8x10s. I’m thinking I need to bring my camera to the next Stitch-In and get a picture of all the gals. I sure will miss them.



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B is giving me “custody” of our Nintendo Wii, so today I took in all his dumb sports games and traded them in at Gamestop, along with some of my DS games. In return I got: Mario Karts (w/ one wheel adaptor), Shrek Carnival, and Brain Challenge (DS). I am SUPER EXCITED about Mario Karts, it is my all time favorite game. I have it for the DS and it’s OK, but I bet it is going to be AWESOME with the Wii controller.

I only have 2 1/2 more rows left on the Arizona Shawl. I had to stop the other night mid-row because it was a long ass row with tons of beads and I just couldn’t get it all done in one night, OK? 🙂

I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night. What a sob fest! But a truly amazing movie. It really made me think about life, and how we take things for granted, and what if you had to life your life completely opposite of everyone else?

I’m going to try and go through my pictures tonight (redo my photo screen, move photo album pictures to a photo box), then tomorrow hopefully I can work on the downstairs more. We’ll see. I haven’t had much desire to work on any moving stuff lately, not sure why. Just low on energy in general I guess!

Oh yeah, I called the lawyer the other day, and she’s sending me a packet of info for getting the divorce started, and I have a phone consultation scheduled for Wednesday. It’s on!


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At least it feels that way. I can only get about 2-3 rows done each night, and I have 10 rows left! I didn’t knit last night, my friends L and B and I went out for dinner, then I came home and watched Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden. It was good, but I ended up being a little disappointed that they only showed 35 minutes of a 90+ minute concert. He is absolutely amazing to see live, and I should know…I’ve seen him three times already! I used to tell B that MB was the one man I would leave him for.

BTW, I am not living in a sauna anymore. I was able to get someone to fix the AC on Monday. It was a relatively cheap fix, but he did say that since our AC and furnace were about 20 years old, we should consider replacing them. Haha, not my problem! I just hope the AC holds up until I move.

I had to go and get fingerprinted again today. When I filled out my AZ massage license application, it just stated that you needed to submit fingerprints with the app. So I went to the local police station and had them done. I received a letter the other day saying I submitted an “incorrect” fingerprint form, and they sent me the one they wanted me to use. Dudes, it is almost the exact same thing! Those licensing people have way too much time on their hands, and too much power, to get their panties in a bunch over a nearly identical form being incorrect. Plus, I accidentally got the money order in the wrong amount…$190 instead of $189. They sent it back and made me send them a new one. Over a dollar. Anal much?


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I can barely move, it’s so hot in my house. I have two fans going and I’m still sweating. Yes, actually, the air conditioning IS on. It is set on 73 degrees, and it’s currently showing the temperature as 82 degrees. STBX just got home from work and made a beeline for the downstairs; I followed him and said “The air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working”. He shrugged his shoulders and said “I have too much homework, I’m not dealing with it right now”. Ass. I wouldn’t mind too much, but I work from home and I’m gonna be sweating all over my clients come Monday.

And poor Taffy is sprawled out on the kitchen floor trying to keep cool. At least we’re getting acclimated to hot weather, right?


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I posted the following on Ravelry, so sorry if I’m being lazy by just copying it over here!

B and I needed to sit down and write a list of our assets and debts so we can start the divorce process (no, I haven’t even filed yet. Sucks to be me). HE asked ME if we could get this done last weekend, then blew me off said weekend. I asked him on Monday when we were going to re-schedule, and he said he didn’t know, as he was really busy with school this week, and has midterms next week.

So, instead of sitting around waiting for him, I went ahead and made a list of who gets what. I had three columns: L, ?, B. I also had a page where I listed all the stuff I’m going to sell, and a page of debts.

On the debts page, I also listed the money I’m entitled to from him. Granted, it comes out to a nice amount of $$ that he’d pretty much need to sell body parts on Ebay to get, but I figured I’d throw a number out there and see what he said.

I was working downstairs today boxing stuff up, and he was upstairs avoiding me per usual, and he must’ve seen the list sitting out. In reference to the money, he wrote:

I have no idea here I am supposed to get this from. You leave the relationship with much more than you came into it with, while I get the house and more than twice as much debt as I had when we met. I also have to come up with an amount of money equal to half a year’s pay for me. The only way this can happen is for me to sell the house and/or file for bankruptcy. Do you hate me this much? I gave you all that I could, including my own identity (my ‘self’). I never wanted to hurt you, I’m sorry you feel this way. I never hit you, treated you badly, talked down to you, or intentionally hurt your feelings. All I wanted was to find myself again and to seek the one thing that I want more than anything. It didn’t work out between us, and for that I will always feel regret because I still truly love you. If you feel that I owe you so much, I obviously didn’t give you enough in our relationship and I failed you in that respect, too. I did the best that I could.

This guy is delusional. I laughed as I read this, because it is full of lies. He wants me to feel like it’s my fault. I never really acknowledged the email he sent me last month except to tell him I went to a lawyer. He then told me that I was moving forward with a divorce when he “hadn’t even really decided what he wanted to do yet”. I listed off the things he did that made it perfectly clear he HAD decided the marriage was over.

He has said that the 401K money he didn’t care about, since they could just roll it out of his account and into an account for me. It’s the home equity money he is pissing over. He thinks I’m padding the number by $10,000, because he insists the $10,000 he used as a down payment doesn’t count in the value of the house!

I made a list of other things I thought I should get additional money for, which he made little comments about (in italics)….

waive maintenance -thank you
health insurance -understandable
pain and suffering -really?
moving costs -not a problem

For those items I added about $5000. Which is really fucking reasonable.


He put the papers back where he found them, and didn’t say a word about it to me before he left for work. He didn’t give me a dollar amount that he thought was “acceptable”, probably because he knows I’d laugh in his face. I need to root around and get copies of all our paperwork together, and then call the lawyer to see what my next step is.


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New tat!

I love how this turned out! I only told him I wanted the lotus in pink and yellow, and gave him free reign on the rest of the coloring:


I was a little nervous, because I thought I was getting it done by one guy (Greg), and he passed me off to another guy (Jason). But he did a great job. I think it took him all of 40 minutes to complete. Now the back of my neck feels like it has a bad burn on it 😦 Hope I can get to sleep tonight!


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Bullet point post

  • I finally went out and picked up a load of boxes today. The liquor store I went to stacks all their available boxes by the door, making it very easy. They didn’t have very many, but she said they’d have a bunch more tomorrow. Wonder if B will say anything when he sees them….
  • I tried the new grilled chicken at KFC, and it is fantastic! The marinade they use is to-die-for.
  • My sister Angela is Allison Dubois‘s “stalker”; last year I flew out to Arizona so we could attend one of her events. I just saw on her website that she is going to be in the Chicago area…..on my birthday! I really wish I could go, I feel like it’s a sign from my mom, but unless she can send me the money from the beyond…..no dice.
  • I am on the edging charts for my Arizona Shawl! This was such an amazingly quick knit, even with the beads. I can’t wait until it’s done and blocked so I can post pictures (and show it off IRL, too!).
  • Tomorrow night is tattoo night! Can’t wait!


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