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I just received an email from Norton, saying they auto-renewed my subscription. Not we are going to renew. They just did it. So I had to get on their chat system and rip the tech a new one. He kept saying that auto-renew was a convenience for the customer, and I kept saying sure it is if you remind the person before the charge is made so people like me, who don’t even use the service anymore and are living with their bank account close to zero at all times, don’t get an overdraft fee. I can barely remember last week, let alone a service I signed up for last year. So now I have to hope that the refund goes through in a timely manner, and there is enough to cover me from the dreaded overdraft monster in the meantime!



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What’s for dinner?

I always hated that question. Still do. At one time I had someone to share in the decision-making process (which was really: “What do you want?” “I dunno. What do you want?” ad infinitum). Now that it’s just me, it’s even more of a bother. How does that work?!

I bought the cookbook Cook Yourself Thin, mainly because I love the show (it’s on Lifetime BTW), and the recipes seemed easy. And quick. And healthier, not gag healthy gag.

I honestly don’t know when I’m going to get around to making even one of those recipes.

All I want to do is eat pizza. Or Chinese food. Or fast food. Or pizza. Or mexican–mmmmexican.

I don’t want to put an ounce more energy into a meal that I don’t have to right now. Which is not being nice to me, is it? Sigh.

I have very little energy right now. I’m making daily lists of things to do and forcing myself to finish at least half the things on it. Then time gets away from me, and suddenly it’s 8pm and I am starving.

What I should do is go grocery shopping, and then spend an afternoon baking everything for the week. Then freeze it. Insta-meals!

I’ll put it on the list.


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The D word

So the meeting with the lawyer was somewhat what I expected. She was very understanding of me not having a clue, and explained everything in full. Which was a lot of information. My “homework” right now is to make up a list of our assets and debts, and also list what all I want to get out of the divorce, and what he gets (not sure if I’m going to let him keep his balls or not, I’d have to find them first. They probably disappeared with the sending of the infamous email). I told him I want to talk this weekend…which I don’t, but I have to.

Last night sucked big time. I’m glad I didn’t just sit at home, though…I called my friend Becky, and thankfully she was free for dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant, Fiesta Cancun, then back to my house to talk some more. But after she left, I felt like crap, and then the crying started. I texted my friend K, and her kind words helped calm me down. My friends rock. I don’t even want to think what this would be like without them.


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Off to the divorce lawyer’s office.

My stomach hurts.


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Nothing to do this weekend, so it dragged on and on and on and on and on and on. I joined Facebook for lack of anything better to do, and was surprised at all the people on it from my dark and sordid past (AKA high school, and my sister).

Depression is trying to keep its sticky fingers on me, but I keep fighting it off. I am happy one minute, sad the next, and anxious after that. What a wild ride divorce is. Methinks I need to see my doc this week about some happy pills to chase the yuckies away, since wine is only making things worse, and I have a long road ahead of me yet.

I need to find someone to go to Red Lobster with. Pronto. I have a hole in my stomach only crab legs will fill.


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I’ve started going through my/our stuff a little bit. I took down all the wedding photos so I can remove the pictures and sell the frames. I went through my gazillion cookbooks to try and pare them down to a reasonable amount (and sell the rest). I also gathered all my tools and my toolbox, which I then organized (my mom was a big one on making sure I was prepared..she bought me all the tools I have!) and will squirrel the box someplace so B doesn’t keep using them for his “projects”.

Speaking of B, here’s some of the shit that he’s been pulling lately:

  • Friday night I get a text at 1:30am saying the password for access to our Verizon account online has been changed. I think he forgot I get texts for anything to do with that account. So as soon as he leaves his phone unattended, I am getting the new password sent to it so I can get on the account and see what he’s trying to hide. Although, I was going to go on there and add the basic text plan to my phone, since I’m texting a lot more now, but fuck that. He can pay the per-text fee.
  • He bought a brand new bicycle today, and a fire pit (for the back porch, I imagine). Good to know he’s got some money to blow. Meanwhile I’m scraping by after having to take the cat to the vet to the tune of $120.

I am talking with my family again, which is awesome. My sisters have been great about us smoothing everything over and getting on with being sisters; I talked to my stepdad briefly yesterday and he said he’d definitely call me when he got home to set up a time for us to get together. Haven’t heard back yet.

I’ve been trying to get started on a shawl I really want to make, but right now I keep working on my socks, because they’re mindless (k3 p3 ribbing), and I need something to keep my hands busy, but that I don’t have to think too much about. I feel like I have a million things running through my head right now. All I can do is try to get a little done at a time, and remind myself some things I’m worrying about will have to wait until after I meet with my lawyer. Like, as much as I’d love to start getting everything separated and boxed, I have no clue how long it’s going to take for the divorce to get finalized so I can move. So I wait. At least I can start getting garage sale stuff together, I may go ahead and have a sale in the next week or two to try to get rid of some of it now. Anything that doesn’t sell I can hold on to and see if it’ll sell at the “moving” sale.


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Thank goodness!

Taffy is OK, apparently her glucose level is out of whack…which is why she’s been eating so much and still losing weight, and walking funny. Her gait may have been caused by a stroke initially, but doc says her leg pulses are fine now, so once we tweak the insulin, her gait should go back to normal. Phew!!! She also has a mild ear infection, so I have to give her eardrops (cold eardrops nonetheless) every other day for a couple weeks. Poor baby.

Not that I will be able to handle losing her at any point, but right now would’ve been devastating for me. I’m so glad she’ll get better and be a part of “My New Adventure”.

Taffy wants me to tell you all she would appreciate lots of treats. And maybe a new comfy blanket or two to snuggle on. And treats, in case you missed that the first time.

Here she is waiting for me to get a clue and take her for a walk already:

011 (2)


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