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Here kitty kitty

I went over to the humane society after school today, since I haven’t been there in months (I think the last time I went was in the summer). The cat we tried to adopt (twice), Daisy, found a home, which I am so grateful for. She was a good cat, and such a cutie:


There is another cat there, Blossom, that I would bring home in a heartbeat. She is a muted calico (yes, there is a pattern here! I really want a calico!), but was abused. I remember the first time B and I went over there to look at adopting a third cat (the first time we adopted Daisy). Blossom was new there, just a tiny kitten. The volunteer helping us said that Blossom had been saved and brought to them by someone who saw her getting abused by some little boys–they put the 6-pack plastic rings around her neck as a “leash”, then threw rocks at her, which ended up permanently damaging one of her eardrums. She has a head-tilt, which makes her look like she’s questioning everything you’re doing. She is also very skittish. I was able to corner her today, and once she figured out all I wanted to do was pet her, she started purring and just pranced back and forth, head-butting my hand. My heart just melted. I was telling B about her when I got home, and he said “Maybe you should talk to them about bringing her home for a weekend to see how the other cats would react. She’s a good little cat, I wouldn’t mind having her here. She needs a good home, and if we don’t take her, she may live her whole life at that shelter.” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I just may do that! I was thinking the same thing, about her living her whole life at the shelter. The lady I was talking to today that works there said no one looks at Blossom, plus it’s kind of hard to when she runs and hides from everybody. So we may be getting another cat. Oh yeah, I of course have a picture:


Lastly, when my Mom died, we started a memorial fund for the humane society and raised over $1000. They promised to put her name on a plaque, and finally (after almost 3 years, but better late than never) it’s done:




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I got the job!!!!

Hooray for me! I will be working as a CNA soon. Every other weekend with the option of picking up open shifts. I am very excited, as I really like this facility and the residents. I took my drug test today, and I go for my physical on Friday. After they get those results back, plus the background check, I’ll go in for orientation.

B saw my fish hat sitting out and said “What’s that?” with a pouty face. I said it was a hat I was working on, and he said “Oh….”. Point taken. I know he wants his sweater, and I have been taking way too long in finishing it (I started it in August, for crying out loud!!), so I will work on nothing else until the sweater is done! Especially since the hat is gross, I don’t like the colors at all:


Sometimes I just suck at putting colors together. Oh well, it was leftover yarn so it’s going right into the circular file…


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Nothing new

I’ve been plugging along on B’s sweater…and the hat hasn’t gotten any action lately.

I am spending a godawful amount of time on Ravelry (LSG to be exact, even though I mostly lurk).

I spent some time today trying to get rid of some spyware. I noticed the other day when I’m online, the ring that shows up next to the cursor was just going and going in this spastic loop. When I ran Norton, I saw a program called FAUXVIRUS\carny_ride.exe and promptly looked it up online (thank you, Yahoo Answers!) to find out how to get rid of it pronto. I think it worked, we’ll see in the next couple of days. I think I got it from reunions.com. I was looking for a friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a few years, and that site said they had info on him, but they spywared me instead! Not like it’s as bad as a virus, but it was still doing something with my ‘puter, which is not OK.

Oh yeah! I had my interview today, and it went pretty well. If I don’t hear from them by Wednesday, I think I’ll give them a jingle. I told them I was interested in flex time, which is every other weekend (2nd shift), plus I can sign up for any open shifts I want to. Part-time would’ve been cool, too, but I think flex time will be awesome, especially since I have to consider my massage job and school. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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Bragging rights, um, wrong!

I wore my Susie Hoodie to school today, and was waiting with baited breath for someone, anyone, to say they liked it so I could crow “I made it!”

No one said anything about it.

My psych teacher was talking about sex related to the Id and Superego, and kept staring at me. It kind of weirded me out.

But maybe he was just staring at my awesome Susie Hoodie.

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Holy crud!

I’m so nervous! I have a job interview for a CNA position, and I haven’t been on an interview in at least five years. I filled out an application at the nursing home I did my clinical hours at, and that was a month and a half ago, so I figured it was a no-go. Then out of the blue they called me today, and I have an interview scheduled for Monday morning! Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.


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Not much going on here…

I came home from school today to see Lexi laying on a pile of clean shirts. When I walked by the bedroom again, it was Taffy laying on them. At least they were B’s and not mine.

I’m finally back to working on B’s sweater, but may (read: probably) cast on the dead fish hat tonight at Stitch-In because I have stash yarn for it!

I was looking at old photos recently, and came across this gem of me looking at a Playboy magazine:

And hooray, the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl! I will be secretly rooting for Arizona, though, as they have the amazingly dreamy Kurt Warner as their quarterback. Yes, I root for the team with the cutest guy…I am a female. I don’t fill my head with stats and crap. Cute is all that matters to me.


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Some pictures

I have a new! improved! pic of the KISS purse:

So purty. I also made a Moebius Basket from this book:


Eh, it turned out OK. It took me two days to make, and I used some stash yarn (which was a booga bag that I never felted and ended up frogging), but it didn’t felt enough. So Noro Kureyon + size 11 needles = too big of stitches.

I took the state test for my CNA certificate today, and it was so freaking easy. I was the first person done and it took me all of 30 minutes. The worst part was somehow I pulled a muscle in my back this morning, between my shoulder blades, that makes moving my right arm torture…and I’m right-handed. I had a 90 minute massage scheduled this afternoon and I ended up rescheduling her for next week because just the thought of working makes that muscle throb. Boo. I needed the money. But when the body is hurting, I don’t push it. It usually only makes things worse!


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