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….A day late. B and I had a nice time at his aunt’s house yesterday. She makes SO much food it’s ridiculous. I brought my knitting with and I think everyone there asked me what I was making (sometimes I think I need to make up a t-shirt that says “Yes, I’m knitting ____.”) But they were genuinely interested, so I didn’t mind the interruptions.
Then the guys started a Eucher (sp?) game, and the ladies sat around talking and looking at the weekend sales flyers. The kids didn’t need to be yelled at too much, playing quietly in the playroom.
I brought some Cinnamon Sugar Pecans and brownies with, which everyone enjoyed. Last time we went (a few years ago now) I brought some kolacky cookies, and everyone acted like I brought a dog with three heads on a platter. No one wanted to be the first to try them, and we took most of them home. Lesson learned!
Today I am making turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole for B and me. I might put up Christmas decorations today, might not. I might just knit.



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A friend of mine in Anatomy class was the right size to try on Grandma’s Cardigan, and it fit well. The only problem was the armholes were a bit shallow (like right up against her armpit), so I frogged down to the neck shaping and added 2″ to the original length. I figured this would take me about 2 hours (add 2″ to the back, then add length and reshape the fronts).

It took me 5 hours.

I finally finished up around midnight and put all my stuff away. I still can’t figure out why I HAD to finish it ALL last night, but it’s done.

Now I can go back to the sleeves in peace.


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and I am DONE with school for a month. Phew! I have a test this week, a test and a final next week, then a final the following week and I’m outta there. More time for knitting!

Speaking of which, it is slow going on Grandma’s Cardigan. Like this slow:

I finally finished the fronts (and washed/blocked them) and started the sleeves, but I am very suspicious about it not fitting her. I didn’t take measurements, which I am totally kicking myself over, but someone I know must be a size 8 or 10 to try it on for me.

I already found a new project to add to my To Knit list…mittens! I have some nice store-bought mittens, but I found this pattern and, well, I must have them. Yesterday.

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in a few days. Gak. I’m doing a low-key dinner, since it’s just the two of us, and making: a turkey breast, green bean casserole, and stuffing (from scratch, the only way to have it!)

B is in a pissy mood today, which puts me in a pissy mood, which I’m trying to fight. Really trying. Otherwise next stop is telling the husband to call the whambulance….
He has a lot of homework to do. Me too. But he treats his schoolwork like it’s the most important thing in the universe at that moment. It’s not.
I busted my ass cleaning the house yesterday. All I asked of him was to: do laundry, bring up Christmas decorations, and install new flourescent light today. He has done one load of laundry, nothing else.
I went grocery shopping today. Got a ton of stuff, he didn’t even ask if I needed help bringing it inside.
Now he’s crabbing and flailing about something not working right on his computer (still doing homework), but he doesn’t want me to look at him. OK, chief.
It’s going to be a long night…
/end rant


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Today and tomorrow are reserved for baking…I am providing some baked goods for the local animal shelter’s cookie walk (well, cookies and other baked goods) next Saturday. Since the semester is rapidly winding down, I decided to bake things that will keep since I’ll be super-busy during the week, so I’m making Cinnamon Pecans and Jar Cakes.

Here are some of the Cinnamon pecans:

The recipe is super simple. My Grandma made them for years as gifts and would NOT give up the recipe until my Mom finally cracked her (and then Mom promptly gave the recipe to me).

Here it is:
1 egg white
1 t. cold water
Mix until frothy. Toss 1 lb. pecan halves in mixture.

In another bowl, mix together:
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. cinnamon
Transfer pecans to this bowl with slotted spoon and toss until coated. Spread on a cookie sheet coated with butter and bake at 225 degrees for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

The jar cakes are cakes with a more cookie or brownie-like consistency. You bake them in jars (hence the name), then put the lids on right out of the oven so they seal. They keep for about 2 months this way. I’m making banana nut, and M&M cakes.

Then once the semester’s over, the REAL baking begins! I love to bake, and Christmastime is the perfect excuse to go all-out. Already on my list: Raspberry Poinsettia cookies, Shortbread Pecan Trees, Truffles, Apricot Pinwheels, Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, and Banana Cookies!

In knitting news, I am finished with the back piece of Grandma’s cardigan, and halfway up to the armhole shaping on the fronts. And she recently invited B and I over for Christmas on Dec 21, so I have until then to finish the sweater! With only 3 more weeks of school, that’ll give me plenty of time to get it done.


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Our Day

It’s our anniversary today! Here we were four years ago:

B surprised me last night with a lovely card (he picks out the BEST mushy cards!) and the first season of House, MD. This show is my newest addiction…I can’t get enough House!


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My clothes disappeared!

I went looking for my winter clothes today, intending to get the winter switcheroo done, and I can’t find them anywhere! The only thing I can think of is that I accidentally put them with a load of donation stuff (I’ve lost other stuff that way). The upside is….

I get to buy new winter clothes! With no money! Eh…

I found some nice tops on sale at Woman Within, so I bought five. I still have my pants and a few sweaters, so that should do for now.

I’m itching to get some more scrubs, but I seriously need to hold off until I figure out where I’m going to work when I get my CNA certificate. I’ll have an extra $1000 from my loan left over in the spring, and instead of sending it back, I’m using it to pay down/off my credit card!

In good news, I had lots of knitting time this weekend, which was a big treat for me. Now I need to get off the computer and back to one of those sweaters.


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